Extinguishing systems for buses and coaches

Discover the advantages of our aerosol fire suppression systems for buses

Extinguishing systems for buses and coaches

Our innovative automatic extinguishing systems and aerosol fire extinguishers are suitable for all types of buses and coaches. Every year bus fires cause major material and immaterial damage. Our aerosol generators extinguish a fire due to overheating, a technical defect or an accident quickly and effectively. Aerosol is environmentally friendly and has a long life.


Onze aerosol generatoren worden al gebruikt in een grote verscheidenheid aan bussen (o.a. steden als Zurich, Dusseldorf en Keulen) en andere voertuigen. Onze automatische blussystemen bieden betrouwbare bescherming tegen branden van klasse A, B, C en F. In tegenstelling tot gas- en poederblussystemen zijn complexe installatie- en onderhoudswerkzaamheden niet nodig. Achteraf inbouwen is dus zonder problemen mogelijk; bij de ontwikkeling van het voertuig hoeft geen rekening te worden gehouden met onze systemen. Onze uiterst compacte blusgeneratoren kunnen ook worden ondergebracht in zeer smalle motorcompartimenten en hoeven alleen te worden bedraad. Er is geen leidingwerk nodig. We kunnen bewezen brandbeveiligingscomponenten gebruiken voor detectie. 

The arrival of electric buses also offers opportunities for the use of our systems and our unique extinguishing agent. We actively cooperate with various bus manufacturers and battery manufacturers to protect them against fire and prevent thermal runaway. 

The simplest system variant consists of a single aerosol generator with automatic fire detection by means of a heat detection cable. This system works completely independently and autonomously without a power supply. Thousands of buses in Europe are already equipped with our systems. This includes the city of Cologne: In the tender for extinguishing technology, Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH paid particular attention to the reliability, economy and ease of maintenance of the systems to be installed. The innovative automatic extinguishing system of RSL Fire optimally meets all these criteria. Even in the cramped engine compartments of highly motorized sports cars or oldtimers, our systems can be easily retrofitted and used permanently and reliably under the toughest conditions.

RSL 200CR - certified fire suppression system for buses
Blussysteem voor bussen RSL 400CR
Easy to install in any engine compartment


Drie van onze blusgeneratoren met 100, 200 en 400 gram blusmiddel zijn getest volgens de ECE R107 standaard. Hiermee bieden wij een complete oplossing voor alle type bussen. De veeleisende tests hebben onze aerosol generatoren zonder problemen doorstaan en de tests zijn uitgevoegd volgens de UNECE R107 richtlijn door TÜV Nord.

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Tüv Nord
Bus extinguishing system
Bus extinguishing system
Bus extinguishing system
Tüv Nord

Our aerosol fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems for vehicles and marine are certified by TÜV NORD 

The advantages of our Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems for vehicles

How does aerosol work as extinguishing agent?

The fire is recognized by means of a fire detector, electrical ignition or fully autonomous analog ignition. Our Aerosol generator generates the aerosol and an endothermic reaction converts potassium hydrogen carbonate into potassium carbonate, chemically removing oxidizing substances from the combustion process and extinguishing the fire. At the same time, additional heat is extracted from the combustion process. For example, the fire is extinguished in two ways and the chance of re-ignition is considerably reduced. During the extinguishing process, no oxygen is extracted and the residual potassium carbonate product is environmentally friendly and easy to clean up. More information about our extinguishing systems and extinguishing technology.

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