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New extinguishing system for raised floors and cable trays

Our new extinguishing system for raised floors and cable channels offers a solution for the fire protection and fire detection of these difficult-to-protect objects.

With our VdS-certified aerosol extinguishing system, we protect tangible assets for almost all requirements that companies place on us: from technical rooms with double floors to the electrical rooms of airport towers to storage of hazardous substances and high-security laboratories. Technology, storage and server rooms can be secured without any problems. Now the raised floors and cable ducts, which can hardly be protected with other extinguishing techniques, can also be equipped with our aerosol extinguishing systems without any problems.

Another advantage of our systems is that retrofitting in existing rooms is possible without major construction work. Pipelines, gas bottles or even fire extinguishing water are not necessary. The spaces to be protected do not have to be gas-tight and expensive pressure relief is not necessary in most cases. The simple structure of our extinguishing systems also requires only a low maintenance level with very low maintenance costs.

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